Hey you artists!

Or not artists.  As long as you can make a scribble with anything from a pencil to MS paint, or you can do amazing 3-D models, tomorrow is Draw Mohammed Day 2.  If you’re not familiar with last year’s event, it was to create a sort of critical mass that would make the death threats that people like Salman Rushdie, Molly Norris, and Theo Van Gogh (his was fatal) thinned out so much that there would be too much for the extremists to deal with.  Mockery is sometimes the best weapon.  Why should anyone be brutally murdered for a drawing, a film depiction, a fictional novel?  Salman Rushdie is probably still not safe, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali still has to hide.

This is intolerance taken to the level of murder, all over some imaginary bullshit.  Cartoons.

Let’s make so many that they can’t target enough of us, and let’s quit being scared of the crazies.


Make a stick drawing,  something funny and slap it up there.  Here’s mine:

Draw Mohammed and escape Saturday’s Rapture, and have lovely waffles, or the breakfast of your choice.


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