….but is it Art?

I think it is.  If not art, then hypnotic and cool.  I like food (cooking and eating) and I like seeing the ordinary things we take for granted every day as something more than mundane and boring.  I came across this video over at  Jezebel.com, and had to look at what else these cats had done.

I could watch this jello cube over and over, it’s so cool and beautiful (okay I did).  but on to the cream going into the coffee:

Something us coffee (and some tea drinkers do every day), and to see it like this is pretty damn cool.

These videos are from  http://modernistcuisine.com/ which has even more beautiful photographs, and is going to have a set of books out real soon.  Books I probably can’t afford, but if you love to see fresh food celebrated, spend a little time at their website.


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