Walpurgis Night

I haven’t done anything in ages, yeahyeahyeah, and I made excuses before, yadda-yadda-yadda, but I think I really bit off more than I can chew here.  When I first saw awful reproductions for sale, I thought this would be easy, like People Of Wal-Mart, but it isn’t – at least not for me.

Sooooo, I thought I’d broaden the range of this blog, and write about any goddamn thing I want to, while still kinda-sorta keeping it vaguely to do with images, funny or worse.  Or not.

I crave submissions, too.  If any (of the three of you who read this) have seen something worth putting up here, drop me a line.

Since it’s coming up, today’s post is…


When I was a pagan, I referred to it as Beltane, which is still a groovy name and accurate, for as far as i know, all the Celtic Pagan holidays began on the eve.  Work schedules generally would not cooperate, so I would thow the Beltane shindig on May 1, when either peeps could take a day from work or it would land on a weekend.  We went all out for this one, this and Samhain.  Plenty of food and liquor, a bonfire when the neighbor would lend us his burning barrel, some good Celtic folk music (and the one time gangsta rap – that was a funny sight) and even a Maypole once.  Kids and adults alike had a blast.  We’d dress up in our floaty pagan clothes, and bring out the flowered crowns, and beat our drums, and when i had the pool, some of us would go for a dip.  Good times.

I like this picture, grabbed from Google images, and there was no use policy on the site, but it reminds me of the cartoons by an old acquaintance Eldon DeDini, a cartoonist for Playboy, and a regular at the printing shop I once worked at in the nineties:

We didn’t have masks that cool, nor did we have naked people (at least within the torchlight by the house.  I did hear of couples going our to erm, bless the fields, but that’s what you’re supposed to do).

Now here’s this band that is supposed to be from the90’s, but I don’t buy it; they look  totally 80’s hair metal, the kind I don’t like.  They call themselves Stormwitch.  The name should be excessive hairspray, and the music will nauseate just the same.    I’ll link to the sample of the song, so you can buy it if you want.

If you must:


I think that dude on the right stole my sister’s band jacket from high school marching band circa 1977.  I should not be so nasty; I had big hair too, and i loooved my shoulder pads.  You just shouldn’t be doing this after Penelope Spheeris did The Decline of Western Civilization: the Metal Years.

No, wait a minute – this guy totally does it for me!

This dude comes from:

http://www.thisisharz.com/walpurgis.html and there are plenty more pictures and explanations of Walpurgis Night.  They party way harder than we did, and i really like the witches further down.

It just goes to show that humans will take any excuse to dress up in fun costumes and drink and eat, and enjoy music.  I find nothing wrong with any of this.  I wish everyone reading this a wonderful Walpurgisnacht/Beltane/Mayday whatever to have a good time and enjoy your friends and family.  Just don’t torture them with Stormwitch, OK?


3 responses to “Walpurgis Night

  1. Oh, just wanted to say that Eldon brought everyone who worked at the print shop a box of See’s Candies for Xmas and was a true gentleman. He also illustrated a neat book about Cannery Row called Doc’s Lab, so check it out. Man was a fine Human Being. I miss him.

  2. Walpurgisnight or “The night of the witches” is actually a big thing in Germany, while we do not the dress up thing like in the Harz (after all we do not live near the Broken, the Witch mountain) we have our own customs, which include playing funny pranks on your neighbours. Though today most Teens use it as an excuse to destroy stuff.

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