Not Art…Just NO

Now and again, I see a gif that freaks me out. What possessed a person to create this? I don’t know whether to be freaked out, or whistle in admiration. See below:

um, why?

And this I believe was just created to give me nightmares:


That will haunt me for life. The only worse thing would be meeting the person who made it and fall in love with them.

I thought I saw the worst of the worst, you know, Goddess Bunny, La Pequena, Mama Loco, all the freakishness the internet has to offer, then I saw a still – a single still that has convinced me there is no greater evil:

Wow. The only think worse I have seen (and I am not convinced that this picture is worse than the one before) is this recently featured on Dlisted (read that blog!):

NOT the sort of thing I want to see in my bedroom corner!


One response to “Not Art…Just NO

  1. *is speechless*

    I’m gonna have nightmares about everything in this post. When they need new ideas for Dr Who villains, they only need to look at your blog…

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