Aand Bad Elvis leads to more black velvet

This shit is so bad it’s good.

Actually, I got a kit as a little burgeoning artist that had a black velvet background mapped out with little pots of paint.  I think it was a water wheel on a mill house.  What else did you get for a little perv like me who drew and painted on everything in the 70’s?

Black velvet paintings are cool; I can’t choke on them like I have previous entries, but you will not find them in my house, because they are too cool for me.

Exhibit A:

Your typical black velvet painting.  You go into a house with a guy who has this on his wall and you know where you stand.  Well, maybe nowadays, it would be ironic-hipster, but back in the day, this was a guy who thought he was a ‘player’. I almost want one of these sexy paintings just to have one, as proof that such crap was revered by the same guys who had their vans painted (I feel another blog post coming on).

But I’m supposed to be about the bad shit.  Get ready, here it come

We at Heinous love bad Jesus.  We love Bad Elvis.  When the two come together it is magic.

This one takes the cake though.  I can’t get over the expensive looking frame, like someone cared about this picture.  As much as I appreciate the weirdness, I would not want that in my house ( and you should see what’s in my house).

*This* I can get behind, because we all know:

“It’s a trap!”


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