Whoa, I don’t even need to be here anymore…

…well, maybe not exactly, because I specialize in reproductions you can buy, but these guys have a meatspace gallery and everything!  Ladies and gents, let me show you the Museum of Bad Art!


I love their tag-line, “Art too bad to be ignored”.  If you’re lazy, like me, you might not want to go to their site, but I urge you to, if your eye-bleach hasn’t been used in a while. To whet your appetite, I offer you a couple of examples.  Nothing scarier than a scary clown:

Oh. My. GAWD!

How can you paint that?  As someone who has spent a good part of her life in front of an easel, you have to look at what you’re painting, and often for many days.  How can someone paint that and not go, “I’m creating good old fashioned nightmare fodder”?  Or maybe Uncle Bob was a pissed off clown and he wanted a portrait?  Dig the signature; ‘Higgins’ (I think) with the cheerful wiggles on the ‘g’s’.  No, I think this man (or woman, we can be scary too) was going for the creepy factor, if only because of the demonic-pea-soup-green background.  You don’t do that for someone you love.

More ugly: a walking stick (I think)

Okay.  You’re gonna grasp this thing by the almost-human head and walk with it?  Jumbo braids and weird face…oh, I’m showing my jealousy about never beeing shown anywhere now.  My crap isn’t so bad it deserves a place in this museum, but it’s not good enough to land me a job or a show (once again lazy – haven’t produced a piece in years).

I got a lot of nerve, to be ripping on these fine people who are at least still creating, while I am digging up the fug to share with whoever will look.  Maybe  *I* should be making new art and quit snarking on those who are at least creating art, right?

::Looks around::

Nope, gonna keep on finding gems like the above.


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