Shitty Me

I know I haven’t put anything up in ages, which is the kiss of death for blogs.  I can’t blame it on there not being enough awful out there, and I can’t blame it on my health, my workload, family turmoil or anything like that.  I have just been lazy and reading Charlaine Harris books, playing Sims, not feeling it (that falls under the lazy category).  Who wants to follow a blog that quit updating?  NOBODY!  So I will try to slog my way back, and if  I can earn back readership (all two of you) I will be gratified.

Here’s a picture of a kitten to get me back into your good graces:

Maybe that’s the wrong message…I dunno.  All I want to say is I am not gone (just forgotten) and will strive to burn eyeballs with more crap I find out there.  Submissions are always welcome, as well as hate mail and anything else you can come up with.

Love always,



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