That should say enough.

I mean, where does one begin?  I have hung on to these pictures for days now, and nothing witty, disgusted, surprised, overwhelmed (maybe a little) has presented itself to me in the way of commentary.

I can’t sit on these anymore; I have to post them, and write I must.  I need music.  What shall it be?  William Shatner, Type O Negative, En Extremo, 3AM Crew, The Dickies, The Who?

Really, who?  I put on a remix of techno Blondie that reminds me of softer days and it lulls me into a sense of calm after sorting though disks that I don’t have streaming; you can’t trust streaming; it’s like a musical I Ching.

Not really, it’s just distracting, and the brain tries to make associations with music to times in our lives, and we all try to make associations with so-called meaningful experiences, whether they be streetlights going off when we walk by them, or someone says something you were just about to to comment on, and the same thing happened the other day, when  I was looking for juicy Bad Reproductions:

“Have you tried Lourdes?”

“No.  Is it tacky?”

I was told about how Bernadette saw a female spirit she claimed was the Virgin Mary about eighteen times, so famous was this site there were MIRACLES attributed to a small sanctuary where there was a water source that was blessed, and people sought healing there.  This was holy writ when I was brought up Catholic, and when the 1945 movie Song of Bernadette came out, and was replayed on T.V. my mother never hesitated to show us this flick in the pre videotape days.  Like the saint books weren’t enough.  For catholics all over this is pure proof.

It’s got some pretty stuff  that I think jehova told his believers never to do, like make idols of Mary:

This is Mary who is worshiped as a healer at Lourdes.

It’s  a nice statue.  The story inspired a  movie.  Some might say that faith is stronger than knowledge, which is popular these days.

This is not the place to do that, despite my beliefs; I am just into the ugly, and here it comes:

Here is a Saint Superstore.  It’s like Walmart for Catholics who conveniently forget the thing about idolatry.  I think it’s a commandment; I dunno.  You can buy all sorts of candles, statues, pictures, yet more…

Do you  need an amulet?  Here’s an assload right above.  Punched out items  are so HOLY, especially when you buy them in Lourdes.

Screaming Jesus!  Who needs that much shit?

Scary Nun dolls.  Enough said.  I want a nice sleep and a nice breakfast after this.  DO NOT SHOP LOURDES!  Good old fashioned nightmare fodder.


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