The Last Supper

This is an image almost everybody knows.  Most people know its by Leonardo DaVinci, and probably doesn’t have any secret things coded in it any more than the Mona Lisa does, but it’s fun to imagine and Dan Brown makes a lot of money off the books.  In case you need a refresher, here’s the original:

There have been many a paper written on the meaning of the positions of the disciples and what they’re doing, but I’m not going there (although I find such analysis fascinating).  To me it is a gorgeous work of art, worthy of such scrutiny, worthy of the admiration and attention it gets, definitely something that will be in our collective conscious for generations to come.   In other words, good art.

But this blog is about heinous art.  There have been many imitations, like the South Park Last Supper:

Or the one with the Sopranos, back when that was on the T.V.:

How does Pauly get his white hair to obey?  I want my Cruella DeVille streak to be like that!  Right, this is about the Last Supper – Check out Mickey and the gang:

This is kind of weird, because you see Bugs, Porky, and Wiley there – aren’t Warner Bros cartoons opposed to Disney?  Anyway, it exists.

We even have breakfast cereal Last Supper.  Now don’t get me started on how foul most breakfast cereal is, how it is like crumbled cookies in milk, how it is expensive more than it should be (about fifty cents worth of ingredient in  a four dollar box) and the ridiculous packaging, plus no real nutrition…oh, I got started.  Sorry.

TRYING to get away from a politics-of-food post here, all the crap they want you to eat to get you going in the morning constructed of white flour, sugar, more sugar, stupid characters to sell this shit to children, liquid sugar to put on your sugar cakes…

Back to the Last Supper.  There’s a Star Wars one, because for Star Wars heads there’s a Star Wars for every occasion:

Just about as bad as the Comic Book one, with Superman:

Superman and other DC characters in a funky watercolor.

I do not put these up as bad Last Suppers.  It is an iconic image that begs to be imitated.  The bad ones lurk below; the tapestry my old downstairs neighbors had on their wall, thinking this was good, when it looked crappier than this:

This was the best I could get, what they hung over their dining table.  It was more bright and polyester looking, but you get the idea.

And we have this ‘Angel’ which I suspect is a bell (however do you explain the skirt) with the Last Supper on it?

This is what we’re talking about; not the parodies, not the actually quite well done images, but a total and freaky thing like this.  I like DaVinci, I would love to hear his response to seeing this kind of crappery.

(Channeling now… “Fondant.  Looks like fondant, although the image on the skirt…very Vivienne Westwood, she needs a bustle to hold up that skirt, is she wearing  my shoes?  Nope, oh well..

What I love, what I really love was this spyglass plastic thing I was given when I was a child of the Last Supper.  It was a little toy you could spy into and see a 3-D of the Last Supper like a View Master.  Anyone  still have one of those?


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