It’s India Time!

Ganesha, I have always dug you.  You’re a big deal, you remove obstacles, you encourage learning, you have a lot of love thrown your way.  You have many images made of you.  One of the good ones:

This is a great piece of devotional art.  Did I mention that he is associated with the first chakra, Muldahara?  That’s the first one you want to meditate on and activate (not really, but grounding is important).  If you want peace and plenty, he’s your guy, and he likes the kids, and kids like elephants.  They just do.

If you’re Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) in Wall Street, you probably want this on your wall:

This picture tells your visitors that you’re “spiritual” and a crummy judge of art.  Hopefully that girl will not know a thing about Hindu spiriuality and think you’re a really deep and thoughtful guy.

Who puts a hibiscus on Ganesha, really?  Marigolds and saffron, dammit!


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