No one is safe

I am not here to rip on anyone’s beliefs. That is for another blog or another place, here I am just interested in showcasing the worst of the worst.  I was pretty young when I wrote off Jesus and YHWH, so I don’t have many images I like, but there are sure some shitty ones out there.  My Grandma (staunch Catholic, who many say Catholics aren’t real christians anyway) had a picture that scared the shit out of me: The Sacred Heart.  We may address that one, but I just want to look at the icky stuff out there that is supposed to be inspiring and should not do the opposite, freaking you out.

You can buy this:

It’s Freaky Jesus with Skeletor’s head!  I don’t want to get up and look at that in the AM thinking about my immortal soul, that just makes me want to run, and run fast.  You can buy it though, if something like that comforts you.

Perhaps you like to wear your Jesus, sans cross.  Nothing says religious devotion (also known as a free pass do do whatever you want in the name of your God) like a bling covered Jesus.  Also available in gold and other metals. Jesus likes having a sparkly beard, it makes him popular with the Twilight crowd, I guess. Kanye wears one, so if you don’t like it  you’re just hating on the GREATNESS.

This one just made me sad.  You can buy this sculpture (search tacky retail Jesus) and this would send me off in the morning with a feeling of glee.  Yup, people being tortured is spiritual, don’t you know?  I can’t personally wrap my brain around an image that is about suffering, nor getting any comfort from that.

This is just about as yucky as the chicken headed Horus with the boobs.


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