Dreaming Horus…it has to be a nightmare

If I feel down I just have to search for something on ebay.  Without fail it will show me something which is utterly hilarious and will make me laugh.

On the other hand there are so many statues which are so bad that it isn’t even funny.

I can understand that not every ebay seller is an expert when is comes to Ancient Egyptian Mythology.  And I am quite used to the fact that every statue which is supposed to depict a falcon is labelled Horus.  But there are things which should not easily forgiveable.

Anatomy…please people…take an anatomy class. Take out your biology book or Brehm’s Life of Animals. Visit a zoo or animal park.  Is it really so difficult to create a bird which actually resembles a falcon? I have seen owls, sparrows….and the picture clearly looks like a cock!

And Horus, or Heru as the Ancient Egyptians called him, was a MALE god. MALE! But I’d be dammed if this is a male torso! (and they don’t look like man boobs either)

If this Horus is dreaming (the name of the statue) then it clearly has to be a nightmare.


3 responses to “Dreaming Horus…it has to be a nightmare

  1. It’s a CHICKEN!!!

  2. That one deserves a PRIZE!

  3. Wait, I just was doing a little look-see, and there’s a HEAD on its crotch! With red ear-flaps. Not right, people, not right.

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