How can you do this to Horus?

What I’m supposed to look like:

What a graceful and noble sculpture.  I have a good one in my living room, and will never get rid of the plaster thing, because I bought it for my first apartment nearly 30 years ago, and knew I could paint it better.  It had turquoise blue and pink paint on it, and I covered that shit then with gold leaf and black paint.   Twenty five years later it still looks better, and has been a good friend.  By the way, I feel the same thing about my Dogma poster and my Navajo rug, and some Oaxaca pottery, and a Superman poster, suitably framed. I have a great Isis (last post) and a great Anubis (yet to find stupid Anubis art, but I bet it’s out there) and some French Cathedral art.

A big problem:

I can imagine Horus saying, “I look like a Peep!  I’m not that fat or that short; my head would topple with that crown!  Why do I have mud duck feet?  Why can’t people who make images of me have a sense of the REAL THING?”

Horus is bummed out right now that anyone thinks this is attractive.  He is more upset that there are far worse sculptures of him out there.

Don’t piss Horus off; diss those bad depictions!

How noble and graceful.  Such an exquisite piece of art, the sweep of then wing, the merger of a bird and a God, so artfully done!  Horus kicked the killer of his Dad’s ass, and came out smelling like a rose!  I don’t want to get into the argument of Horus vs. Set right now (one of these days I might) mostly because there are few depictions of Set out there to buy, unless you want to look evil or complete your collection.  I personally have an interest in Set (Sutekh, whatever) and Horus on an intellectual level, because I find Egyptian mythology to be very interesting as to how people thought and felt then.


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