This Is What We Do, This Is What We Are.

How many times have you seen a nick-knack or tchotchke for sale that you know the inspiration for, but the reproduction doesn’t do it any justice?  Is it ugly enough to actually buy and display, or is that meant for people who don’t know any better?

Maybe it’s so bad it’s good, like rendered in 3-D, or sewn in fluffy pillows.

Maybe they tried, but failed miserably, like those ‘art students’ who copy papyri for selling to the tourists.  Maybe it’s a disproportionate sculpture by a reproductionist who has never seen the original.  Maybe you like shitty thing, and have them around your place because it’s soo bad it’s good.

Maybe it just sucks.

We’re down for stuff you’ve bought, stuff you’ve inherited, stuff you’ve seen on the internet, stuff you’ve been able to take a picture of before that angry neighbor chased you off of his lawn.  If there is blood or Law Enforcement involved, you might get a prize.

Extra points for a reproduction you have seen for sale or own, and what it is supposed to be copying (I’m looking at you, stunted Horus statues).

I want to start off with a “Why, oh why?” Egyptian box that isn’t that unattractive on purpose, it just doesn’t look like anything out there.  It reminds me of a Tardis with Horus on top:

silly box

Now2 that I look at it, it’s not Horus, it’s  Peep leftover from Easter!  Kinda.  What do you put into a tall box like that, except cigars, anyway?  Or Slim-Jims?  I just don’t know.


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