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My SO is running his own business, which is hard enough, but it’s even harder when you wear all the hats and do everything.    Nobody is strong in every capacity, and he has the artistic/design sense of a well, I don’t know what.  Suffice to say his brochures were a mess.  My graphic arts education is small, and being artistically inclined helps, but I could only make a few suggestions, like too many colors and too many fonts are confusing, not to mention boxing everything in neat tidy boxes.  That might make sense for an engineer, but for the human eye to look at the the human brain to process this kind of mess, it is a counterproductive nightmare.

NOT what you’re going for in a sales brochure.  I was able to give a bit of feedback, but my knowledge of graphics and marketing is really limited, so I felt bad, until I found this neat-o page via Lifehacker, which is an interesting blog to peruse anyway.  I spent an hour there reading about the best ways to scramble eggs.

But I digress.  what you really want is this:  Clean Up Your Mess.  A handy dandy guide to making anything visual more appealing in an easy to read and often humorous format.  I see this being handy for anyone who gets the neat assignment to create some documents for their job, or flyers for an event they are involved with, or their band’s new gig poster, and how to make it something eye-catching and  above all WORK.  I’m a rather shit artist myself, and my own business got dissolved before we could even grow the way I wanted it to, but I do have this instinctual thing about how colors/forms/placement work on a page.  This is a great guide, and I have already learned a lot from it, plus the author has some book suggestions that I will definitely check out.

I see it as a plus for artists with a clientele who don’t understand that the element they like in a piece of media should be there because they like it.  Visual advertising isn’t so much about what the client thinks is groovy, but about what will get the prospective buyers interested, and not use your brochure for a bookmark or landfill.

See?  I get that much!  Once upon a time, graphic arts were practiced only by people who could do art, and had the patience for Letraset, or access to typesetters (those mothers were HUGE).  Now anyone with a computer and the right programs can put together a business card, a brochure, a flyer, so it’s even more important for the Everyperson to have this kind of information.

Check it out is you ever get called on to do this sort of thing.

Oh yeah, and draw Mohammed.

Art worth reporting

Ramones graffiti:

Hey you artists!

Or not artists.  As long as you can make a scribble with anything from a pencil to MS paint, or you can do amazing 3-D models, tomorrow is Draw Mohammed Day 2.  If you’re not familiar with last year’s event, it was to create a sort of critical mass that would make the death threats that people like Salman Rushdie, Molly Norris, and Theo Van Gogh (his was fatal) thinned out so much that there would be too much for the extremists to deal with.  Mockery is sometimes the best weapon.  Why should anyone be brutally murdered for a drawing, a film depiction, a fictional novel?  Salman Rushdie is probably still not safe, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali still has to hide.

This is intolerance taken to the level of murder, all over some imaginary bullshit.  Cartoons.

Let’s make so many that they can’t target enough of us, and let’s quit being scared of the crazies.

Make a stick drawing,  something funny and slap it up there.  Here’s mine:

Draw Mohammed and escape Saturday’s Rapture, and have lovely waffles, or the breakfast of your choice.

….but is it Art?

I think it is.  If not art, then hypnotic and cool.  I like food (cooking and eating) and I like seeing the ordinary things we take for granted every day as something more than mundane and boring.  I came across this video over at, and had to look at what else these cats had done.

I could watch this jello cube over and over, it’s so cool and beautiful (okay I did).  but on to the cream going into the coffee:

Something us coffee (and some tea drinkers do every day), and to see it like this is pretty damn cool.

These videos are from which has even more beautiful photographs, and is going to have a set of books out real soon.  Books I probably can’t afford, but if you love to see fresh food celebrated, spend a little time at their website.

Camp Quest

I am torn.

There is a contest between


To support a great endeavor for kids to have a good secular camp, so I want to throw my 2 cents in to the  battle .   Let’s do what we can to help send kids to a good camp experience.  To the maybe now four peeps who view this site, send a few bucks for a very good cause.

Walpurgis Night

I haven’t done anything in ages, yeahyeahyeah, and I made excuses before, yadda-yadda-yadda, but I think I really bit off more than I can chew here.  When I first saw awful reproductions for sale, I thought this would be easy, like People Of Wal-Mart, but it isn’t – at least not for me.

Sooooo, I thought I’d broaden the range of this blog, and write about any goddamn thing I want to, while still kinda-sorta keeping it vaguely to do with images, funny or worse.  Or not.

I crave submissions, too.  If any (of the three of you who read this) have seen something worth putting up here, drop me a line.

Since it’s coming up, today’s post is…


When I was a pagan, I referred to it as Beltane, which is still a groovy name and accurate, for as far as i know, all the Celtic Pagan holidays began on the eve.  Work schedules generally would not cooperate, so I would thow the Beltane shindig on May 1, when either peeps could take a day from work or it would land on a weekend.  We went all out for this one, this and Samhain.  Plenty of food and liquor, a bonfire when the neighbor would lend us his burning barrel, some good Celtic folk music (and the one time gangsta rap – that was a funny sight) and even a Maypole once.  Kids and adults alike had a blast.  We’d dress up in our floaty pagan clothes, and bring out the flowered crowns, and beat our drums, and when i had the pool, some of us would go for a dip.  Good times.

I like this picture, grabbed from Google images, and there was no use policy on the site, but it reminds me of the cartoons by an old acquaintance Eldon DeDini, a cartoonist for Playboy, and a regular at the printing shop I once worked at in the nineties:

We didn’t have masks that cool, nor did we have naked people (at least within the torchlight by the house.  I did hear of couples going our to erm, bless the fields, but that’s what you’re supposed to do).

Now here’s this band that is supposed to be from the90’s, but I don’t buy it; they look  totally 80’s hair metal, the kind I don’t like.  They call themselves Stormwitch.  The name should be excessive hairspray, and the music will nauseate just the same.    I’ll link to the sample of the song, so you can buy it if you want.

If you must:

I think that dude on the right stole my sister’s band jacket from high school marching band circa 1977.  I should not be so nasty; I had big hair too, and i loooved my shoulder pads.  You just shouldn’t be doing this after Penelope Spheeris did The Decline of Western Civilization: the Metal Years.

No, wait a minute – this guy totally does it for me!

This dude comes from: and there are plenty more pictures and explanations of Walpurgis Night.  They party way harder than we did, and i really like the witches further down.

It just goes to show that humans will take any excuse to dress up in fun costumes and drink and eat, and enjoy music.  I find nothing wrong with any of this.  I wish everyone reading this a wonderful Walpurgisnacht/Beltane/Mayday whatever to have a good time and enjoy your friends and family.  Just don’t torture them with Stormwitch, OK?